We Make

Tiny opinionated apps that you download, and host yourself.


Dave Martin
Dave Martin

I'm a husband, a dad, and the VP of product at Help Scout (my dream job!) Before Help Scout, I was the creative director & growth lead at Automattic, and before that, the sole designer for a couple of years at Campaign Monitor. Follow me on my blog, on Medium, or on Twitter.

Elroy the rooster

Elroy is a rooster. Not an average everyday rooster, as you may have already guessed. He can talk, read, write, type and do most things us humans can do.

Of course, he doesn’t go around talking all the time - otherwise you would’ve already heard of him. No, mostly he keeps to himself.

He lives on a farm working as a rooster during the day, and at night after the farmer has gone to bed, he pulls out his laptop to code.


We don’t have a name for what we’re doing, but here are some of the ingredients:

The basics
  • find your dream job, and stay there
  • build side-projects, not startups
Our apps
  • are downloadable - you host them yourself (no SaaS, gasp!)
  • are handcrafted with love
  • aim to do one thing very well
We limit ourselves to working
  • 3-6 days a week
  • 2 hrs a day max
Our priorities
  • principles, people, projects, profit (always in that order)
  • start with constraints
  • launch finished apps
  • build stuff that excites you
  • stay micro
  • stay independant
  • forever frugal
  • design from scratch
  • just help people
  • presently minded
  • minimal feature-set
  • simple tech